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Friday, March 30, 2018
By Albrecht Artistic Photography
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Lindsey and Trey's Beneath the Oaks wedding was a dream come true:) Total perfection!!!! So many beautiful moments with family and friends...I just don't know where to begin. We've known Lindsey for a while...well lets say we've known her Mom and Dad for a lot longer. But I remember the first time I met was her smile that drew me is down right contagious...she just can't help it! And then Trey....when we first met him we both fell in love with his sweet southern charm...his adorable smile...and the way he loves his girl:) He has a cute mischievous grin that makes you wonder..."hmmmmm...what the heck has he been up to"...LMBO!  AND then you add little Mr. Shooter in...and well lets just say he is a little heart thief...I think he has stolen everyone's heart that he meets. Look out ladies...he's still single!!!! AND their families...I just can't say enough...they were all totally awesome to work with...I didn't want the night to end!!! AND then the wedding party....for having such a large group...they were totally spot on...FUN and so easy to work with:)

One of the sweetest things I will take away from this wedding...well there were a lot of sweet things...but the one thing I will remember for the rest of my life (and it will always give me the ahhhhhhhhhh moment) the way Lindsey held onto that sweet note that Trey had given her before the wedding. It was written on a piece of spiral note pad...nothing fancy...with its torn edges and loving words...she kept it rolled up and in her hands...holding onto it for dear was actually hard to get it from her. In one of the pics with her can see it in her hands...just the sweetest thing I have ever seen:) Can we all say "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"???

So needless to say Dennis was right when he said this wedding was going to be was...from the venue, to the decorations, to the families, to the friends, to the guests, to the bride, to the groom, the wedding party, the party, the dancing, the hair, the make-up, the brides gown, the DJ, the food, the cakes.....well I think you get the idea...EPIC! Again...didn't want the night to end:)

Live well.

Laugh often.

Love Texas weddings.


Super fabulous vendors:

Brides gown - All About the Dress

Cakes - Love Bird

Caterer - Werners

Decorator - Kurt and Co.

DJ - Richard with Texas Rhythm

Hair - Whiney Neal

MUA - Alyssa Costilla w/Beauty by Alyssa

Photography -

Venue - Beneath the Oaks



The Spanish moss at Beneath the Oaks is just down right Texas southern charm...and at night...just stunning:)

When your bride is a horse lover and barrel hang her wedding dress in a Lakota horse trailer!!! I actually had a dream about this shot the night before and was SO hoping there would be a horse trailer at the wedding...and sure enough there was!!! Thanks Jennifer for letting us do this:)

Beautiful and handsome wedding party:)

Wedding party shenanigans...LOL!


Time spent never wasted time...

OKAY.............SHE smile....YOU smiled didn't you????? I know you did:)

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Tammie Albrecht - Thank you so much Bessie for your kind words:) Made my day!!! This wedding was so beautiful & sweet:)
Bessie Grahmann - I have followed you for a good while now and have always been in awe of your work as a photographer, but these are absolutely amazing. They are a very lucky couple to have these beautiful memories you captured of their special day.

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