Nathan + Deborah
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Friday, March 23, 2018
By Albrecht Artistic Photography
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So where do I begin with these two? First I will start with Deborah....we have both known this doll for a very long time...a VERY long time! And for her to choose us as her wedding photogs...well lets just say...what an HONOR:) Second....this sweet girl has had some bumps in the road, but her sweet contagious smile always shines through. She amazes me beyond words...BEYOND....words..........She is as tough as they come...yet as soft as a rose petal...again...............AMAZES me! see her this happy...well lets just say I am probably the happiest person in the world for this wedding running through a field of flowers, screaming at the top of my lungs happy......okay......well probably not as happy as HER...BUT I am pretty dang happy for this sweetie! And did I mention she gives the best hugs ever......EVER:) And girl...that dress on you was over the top...luv ya Deb:)

Now on to Nathan....we had only met him one other time at a wedding...and it was really brief, well because we were working. But I knew I liked him...just from those few seconds. But after the engagement session, well lets just say I see why Deborah has fallen head over heels for him. He is a true gentleman AND the way he looks at Deborah...well it just tugs at your heartstrings and makes your heart beat a few seconds faster:) He is so genuine...down to earth...and just plain fun to be around! And really, to be honest with you....there is nothing better than a there? And then you add his two children to the mix...and OH my heart might just explode:) These two were just the sweetest kiddos:) OH and I can't forget Peso....Nathan's beautiful paint...I just fell in love with him:) Peso is Nathan's roping horse but is now retired to the most beautiful Texas pasture you have ever seen! I think I want to retire with Peso to that pasture...hmmmmmmmm....can I...pretty please?

Almost forgot the "photo bombing" cat....I didn't even get his name and mainly because we were all laughing so hard. He kept posing for the camera....I think he thought we were there to only take pictures of him...LOL!  The one with his paw on the rock...OH my goodness gracious...LOL! 

Anywho...we had the best time taking these engagement photos on a beautiful ranch in Cedar Creek....just the drive up alone was gorgeous! The rolling hills, winding Texas country roads, the acres and acres of land.....reminds me of why I live in this great state:) I feel a road trip is right around the bend;) 


Photo bombing cat...LOL!

And again the cat....and the image after the cat...LOL!

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Tammie Albrecht - Yes she is beautiful inside and out!! Thank you:)
Bonnie - I have known Deborah most of my life! She is beautiful inside and out and you captured her beauty perfectly. Thank you for sharing and taking these wonderful pictures
Tammie Albrecht - You are so welcome!! So so hapoy for y’all:)
Deborah Locher - Thank you Tammie and Dennis! These are absolutely beautiful! Yes, I am so incredibly happy! Loving Nathan and his children is a true blessing! Thank you for making this photo shoot so much fun and we were so happy to have you guys share in the beauty of the Ranch. I am so happy we added Peso to the shoot, he was perfect and he is very special to Nathan and the family. You guys are awesome!! Love you both!

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