My day with beluga whales
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Wednesday, August 02, 2017
By Tammie
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Dennis and I work...a lot! And don't get me wrong...we love it:) But this year we decided to take a little time for ourselves and have some fun! If you know me, you know I am kind of obsessed with animals...ALL of them:) I have always wanted to swim with the beluga whales but never could find the time until now! If I said I had would be an was so much more than that:) Our trainer, Tessa, was amazing...she explained everything we asked and made us feel comfortable...but most importantly she made the whales feel comfortable and safe around us! And yes...the 2000lb scaredy cats need to feel comfortable...we are strange creatures to them:) These trainers LOVE these can see it in their eyes...they are 100% enamoured with the whales:) It was amazing to have my wonderful hubby capture these photos for me! We also met the sweetest Mom and daughter from Kansas...they were so much fun to hang out with!  SO getting spit on by a 2000lb cuddle bug in 50-55 degree water, beluga hugs, beluga kisses, tummy rubs, hoola hoopin, melon scritching & feeding them a lot of fish pretty much TOPS anything I've ever done!!!!

She was so curious:)

Getting in was a was a cold 50-55 degrees...brrrrrrrrrr!

I was trying to jump in with him:) He was a big boy:) We swam with two whales...Martha who was the female...and then this one who is a male (can't remember his name)

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