We have photographed thousands of individuals during our numerous years in business. We have developed long lasting relationships with our clients, that are now good friends and considered to be part of our extended family. It is such a pleasure to document the lives of others, creating memories as their families grow.

Here are just a few testimonials that we have received from our clients.

Vanessa and Hunter


The one thing I refused to skimp on for my daughter's wedding was the photographer. We knew what we wanted and Tammie and Dennis delivered what we wanted and more. Thank you both for your genuine hospitality, your professionalism and your passion, you have the talent to make even the most shy person open up. My daughter’s bridals were stunning and the wedding photos phenomenal. If I could give every bride one piece of advice it would be to never skimp on your photographer for your wedding. I know this sounds cliché, but you really do get what you pay for. As the years go by all but the I Do parts of your wedding will slowly fade away, but your photos will be precious reminders of this sacred day.


Veronica Rohrman (Mother of the Bride)

The Albrecht's are absolutely amazing! We loved every single picture that they took, making it really hard to narrow down our favorites! They captured every moment beautifully and we could not be more thankful. Also on our wedding day, there was some miscommunication with one of our vendors which caused major stressing and lots of tears! Luckily Tammie and Dennis were there to save the day! The moment Tammie stepped into my bridal suite was the moment that my wedding day was saved! She saved me from crying about the small things, she was a breath of fresh air, and was exactly what I needed at that exact moment! Albrecht Artistic Photography was THE BEST wedding decision I ever made, and I would recommend them to anyone, you will not be disappointed!

Vanessa Hogan (Engagement, Bridal and Wedding client)

Brooke and Gary


First of all, getting a photographer that you know will do great work is a HUGE deal when it comes to weddings. I knew as soon as we got engaged who I wanted to use for photography! From day one I was impressed with Tammie and Dennis! They did a great job making us feel at ease and making us look photogenic from engagements, bridals, to wedding day. All of pictures turned out AMAZING, the quality was great, and we created a new friendship! You can't go wrong with fun loving, professionals who produce great work! Thank you to Albrecht Artistic Photography for capturing all our moments and we look forward to working with you again soon!

Brooke Grossman (Engagement, Bridal and Wedding client)



Always a joy to work with Tammie and Dennis never a dull moment and never ever disappointed and such a fast turn around for preview and prints.

Tammy Kubenka (Mother of Senior and Model client)

Whitney and Kody


Stop hunting, you've found your photographer. Tammie and Dennis are extremely easy to work with, professional, and damn good at what they do. Kody and I are so lucky to of had these two talented people to capture our special day.


Whitney Martignoni (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Maternity and Newborn client)



I am absolutely in love with my maternity photos! I cannot believe how gorgeous they are! Tammie sure did catch the beauty in every photo that was taken! Some photoshoots can look awkward and funky but we looked so natural and she made sure the lighting and winds were just right. My only regret is not using them before now to capture the special moments in our life!

Lucretia Ragsdale Simons (Maternity and Newborn client)

Brianna and Jim


Tammie and Dennis, thank you so so much for taking our engagement photos!  We love them all and you both did an amazing job!!!  I'm so happy we had the pleasure of working with you both.  Jim and I could truly see y'alls passion for photography!  We cannot wait for the wedding now!!  I would recommend Albrecht Artistic Photography to anyone!

Brianna Griffith (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Maternity, Newborn, Child and Family client)

We just love Bri & Jim's engagement pics.  You captured the moments for them & they will have a life time of beautiful memories. I can't wait for you to do her bridals & their wedding. So excited she has you both to capture these precious moments. Thanks so very much.

Becky Herzik-Griffith (Mother of the Bride)

Amanda and Josh


I cannot say enough how amazing these two are. Our pictures all turned out awesome, not to mention how timely they got the proofs back to us. They made Josh and I so comfortable being photographed! Also on the wedding day, their assistant was SO incredibly helpful! She had EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING I could possibly need! Thank y'all so much for making my wedding, bridals, and engagement pictures amazing!!!

Amanda Kay Brandt (Engagement, Bridal and Wedding client)

Rachel and Victor


We knew we wanted to hire Tammie and Dennis for our wedding after seeing them photograph a friend's wedding.  The quality of work that they produce is unique to fit each couple and FLAWLESS!!!  Tammie and Dennis are extremely personable and make you feel like family during each shoot.  They are willing to go above and beyond for their clients and try to capture moments in the most clever ways!  The photos from our engagement and bridal session are STUNNING and are something I will treasure forever!  I'm sooo excited to see the photos from our wedding.  I know they will be amazing!

Rachel Huber (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Maternity, Newborn, Child and Family client)

Angela and Collin

We loved everything about them!!  They do AMAZING work and really care about the work they are doing!  I will use them for everything I do from now on, over anyone in Victoria!!!!  LOVE LOVE!!!  Couldn't ask for better work or better people!!  Thanks Tammie and Dennis for capturing our wedding just they way we wanted!  You'll be seeing us!!!!

Angela Lucille Murray  (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Newborn, Child and Family client)

Kacie and Travis

We knew we wanted Tammie and Dennis a long time before we got engaged. We couldn't be happier that it worked out. From engagements to reception they made each moment fun, easy, and natural! I love all of our pictures and love the way they captured our personalities! Can't wait for more reasons to book with them!! Amazing people and photographers.

Kacie Schmidt Balfanz (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Boudoir, Model, Maternity, Newborn, Child and Family client)


Before I even saw the pictures taken of my daughter, I knew I had found the perfect photographers for my own shoot! The photos on the Facebook page say enough, but the experience, to me, was extraordinary.

Jennifer Birmingham



Truly amazing. They went above and beyond with my child's photo shoot today. Tammie and Dennis are best of the best and really put their whole heart into their work. I could not be more pleased. Thank you two again!

Tiffany Hall

Amy and Matt

Tammie & Dennis are THE BEST photographers!!!!!!! They do AMAZING work and you can truly tell that they love what they do!!! If you get the opportunity to work with them, you will NOT regret it! We are so thankful and blessed to have them capture our lives in action... from engagements, to bridals, to wedding day! We had so much fun working with them... The best part about it is that they truly care about their work..They take their time, make you feel so comfortable...and at the end of the day, you feel like you have known them forever!!!!!! Thank ya'll so much for everything...We will definitely be working with you again!

Amy Olliff Aitchison (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Maternity, Newborn, Child and Family client)


Had a fabulous time with Tammie Albrecht and Dennis A. Albrecht during our daughter's Senior photo shoot.  These are two people that really love what they do and it shows!!

Michelle Hawkins (Mother of Senior client)

Sarah and Daniel

Tammie and Dennis are two amazing people.  From our engagements, wedding, maternity, family and baby pictures we have grown more than just a professional relationship with them, but also a wonderful friendship!!  They have a passion for what they do in making their clients happy!!  Thank you Albrecht Artistic Photography for your beautiful work in capturing our memories with photography!!!!

Sarah Rowlands (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Maternity, Newborn, Child and Family client)

Brittney and Michael

Five stars!  Tammie and Dennis are not only great at what they do but LOVE what they do and it shows  They are very professional and a joy to work with.

Brittney Schlenker  (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Newborn, Child and Family client)

Jessica and Jonathan

When me and my husband first started planning our wedding he was not much help but he made one thing very clear. He said we have to book Albrecht Artistic photography to do our wedding. And we could not be happier with that decision. They are so sweet and amazing at what they do. They are without a doubt the best around.

Jessica Williams (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding and Family client)

Ashley and Zachary


I have had my eye on Albrecht for YEARS and am so happy I was able to book them! They made me and my fiancé feel like rock stars at our engagement shoot and I am so pleased with the results. Can't wait to see how my bridals and our wedding day pics turn out 6 months from now!  Zachary adds; "Professional , personal, and knowledgable. I am so impressed by Albrecht...you will not be disappointed!!! They understand all aspects of what photography is...not just point and shoot.

Ashley Laura Kutchka  & Zachary James Chinowith   (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Child and Family client)



Tammie is more than amazing at what she does!!  I recommend her all the way.  Ladies if you want to do a boudoir shoot for your man, she's the best!!  She made me feel 100% comfortable doing them, and I had a blast.  They turned out amazing.  Tammie is super fun to work with, you'll be more than happy with your images!

Samantha Terry

Sarah and Carl


Absolutely amazing photographers with the sweetest personalities!  They are fantastic with children and their creativity always leaves me speechless.

Sarah Brandes  (Family client)

Brooke and Joey

My fiancé and I absolutely LOVE Tammie and Dennis. We couldn't have been happier with our engagement pictures and look forward to seeing them at our wedding. It's satisfying to find such an amazing photographer to use for any occasion.

Brooke Zieschang (Engagement, Bridal and Wedding client)

Kelly and Jason

I cannot say enough about how amazing Dennis and Tammie are, not only as photographers but also as people! My fiancé and I had never really taken professional pictures and they made us feel so comfortable while also grabbing some amazing shots. We cannot wait to have them capture are special day!!!

Kelly Whitson (Engagement, Bridal and Wedding client)

Lauren and Dillon

The two of you are so much fun to work with and our pictures turned out amazing!  Y'all are truly talented!  Thank you so much and I can't wait until next time!

Lauren Leopold (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Child and Family client)

Chelsey and Jesse

Jesse and I have had the pleasure of working with this outstanding couple and dynamic duo for what feels like forever! No lie I could probably sit and talk to Tammy and Dennis for hours....wait I already have haha! They are so creative in their point of view with photography and we now have pictures to enjoy for ages! These two are not only enjoyable to be around they are very professional but not to serious when on a shoot! I mean come on what fun would that be if everything was "posed" ;) lol. I had such a great time with them and felt very comfortable around them when taking pictures. Trust me when I say they can make a snail crossing a road look like a masterpiece! I highly recommend them to anyone for any kind of pictures! You are in good hands with Tammie and Dennis. I will most defiantly be using them for all of my photos in the future!

Chelsey Goldman Dickerson (Engagement, Bridal and Wedding client)

Hannah and Jonathan

Thank you both so much for all that you did, leading up to the wedding and at the wedding.  I know our wedding presented it's own set of challenges, with it being on the beach, but I couldn't be happier with the results!  You both did awesome!  Again, thank you so much for everything!

 Hannah & Jonathan Feuchtenberger  (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Maternity and Family client)

 Albrecht Artistic Photography has provided some of the most treasured memories for our family...the images of our daughters' weddings. Tammie and Dennis are thoughtful, kind, and so incredibly talented, seeing each client as an opportunity to reflect the individual personality of the couple, or person, or family. When you see your images, you are able to re-live those moments and the feeling is INCREDIBLE! The attention to detail is unmatched. LOVE THEM.

Leslie Singenstreu  (Mother of Bride)

Chelsea and Christopher

I don't know where to start. Just by looking at their work you can obviously see that Tammie and Dennis are AMAZING.  I got a package with engagements, bridals and wedding photos and could not be more pleased with them all.  Putting their brilliant minds together makes for some spectacular images.  I got EXACTLY what I was looking for in my photos and books.

They were there to answer every question (and trust me, I had many) that came to mind.  They are professional, sweet, patient and fun people that Christopher and I are so blessed to know.  Their photography is phenomenal and it is such a bonus to have made friends for life (you're so right Tammie).  I look forward to future family photos!

Chelsea & Christopher Chaloupka  (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding and Family client)

Wendy and John

I just wanted to tell you that the job you did on our wedding was without any doubt ten fold even my wildest expectations.  The talent, expertise and overall professionalism that you bring to the table is unsurpassed.  Wendy and I could not have chosen a better team anywhere in the world.

Thank you so much for being such an important part of our day and giving us memories that we, and our families, will treasure forever.

Dr. John McNeill  (Wedding, Portrait, Child and Family client)

Clara and Benjamin

When all the important decisions are being made about a lifelong relationship and you are in the midst of planning a wedding, nothing much compares to being comfortable and excited about your (or your daughter's!) wedding photography. When you can be in sync with the way a photographer can understand the meaning of the day, fully express in their images; the personality of the bride and groom, be able to tell the story of their lives just by capturing those special "only them" glances and powerful expressions, then you KNOW you have the right photographer. And that is just what we had for our daughter's wedding. Tammie and Dennis are able to ENJOY the time they spend creating the most beautiful memories of the engagement, bridal and wedding day--and it shows! All the precious, fleeting spaces of time are held in those images. I am so thankful that we chose Albrecht Artistic Photography to share the experience of our daughter's wedding with us. Their work demonstrates the gift they have been given, not just to take BEAUTIFUL images, but to give you a part of your life to treasure over and over and forever. Love you both!

Leslie Singenstreu (Mother of the Bride) 

Albrecht Artistic Photography is amazing at what they do! When They take pictures they don't just press a button, they really capture the moments that make you who you are! They really make a photo speak!

Clara Baylor  (Engagement, Bridal and Wedding client)

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